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Neumann Makes Monitors

Company expands offerings with a little help from a friend
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Neumann, known for its microphones, has stepped into the speaker market.

Normally a newcomer into a niche as competitive as studio speakers would be well-warned to proceed with caution, but Neumann has something of an advantage, namely Klein & Hummel, the German speaker maker it acquired.

Though little known in the U.S., K&H has a respected presence in several European countries, especially in broadcast, where its powered monitors found a home in applications like remote vans and production studios.

The first Neumann Studio Monitor is the KH 120. A two-way, powered monitor, the KH 120 has a 5.25-inch sandwich cone woofer and a 1-inch titanium tweeter. Onboard limiters and thermal protection should protect the drivers. EQ is included along with a gain trim pot.

Bi-amp power is courtesy of twin 50 W amplifiers. The cabinet is aluminum and magnetically shielded.

The KH 120 will have analog and digital I/O versions. It will make its U.S. debut at the upcoming AES show and should be on sale first quarter of 2011.


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