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Neutrik to Showcase New Connectors

Neutrik will showcase its DLX series of chassis connectors.

Neutrik will showcase its DLX series of chassis connectors.

The DLX series is an enhanced version of DL XLR chassis connectors. The company says the new series features metal housing, offering RF protection and electromagnetic shielding. Its duplex ground contact provides contact integrity between chassis and cable connector, as well as the option to solder chassis ground Pin1, according to the manufacturer.

The line also offers a male connector designed with a metal retention bar for improved pull-out force. The series is available in three- to seven-pole configurations with gold- or silver-plated solder contacts and nickel or black metal housing.

The manufacturer is also exhibiting its EMC-XLR Cable Connector, created for EMI protection. EMC-XLR comprises three-pole male/female XLR cable connectors with integrated LC-filters. There is a 360-degree shield contact on the female connector to ensure shielding and chassis contact.

Neutrik says the EMC-XLR can solve problems such as ground loops, RF interference and Pin 1 issues. The connectors may be used in live and on-stage applications, recording studios, radio stations and lighting installations where there is RF interference.

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