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New Cans From A-T

Headphones available in black, white and limited edition blue

Mic, headphones and turntable maker Audio-Technica has a new pair of cans out — ATH-M50x.

These are the latest in the Audio-Technica M line and are based on the ATH-M50 model. Changes have been made to the earpads and a detachable cable complement.

The ATH-M50x uses 45 mm drivers with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. The earcups swivel, allowing for single-ear use. They are of a collapsible, closed-back circumaural design.

Three detachable cables are provided: 1.2-meter straight, 3-meter straight and 1.2–3-meter coiled.

Audio-Technica puts the frequency response at 15 Hz–15 kHz. Impedance is at 38 ohms.

Ships with a carrying pouch and 3.5 mm-1/4-inch adapter. Price: $239, Limited Edition Blue — $259.