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New Developments for Studer

Company works with Riedel for digital media routing system and more

Studer has announced a partnership with audio network developer Riedel Communications to develop high-capacity digital media network products that are compatible with Studer’s A-Link digital interface and Riedel’s MediorNet system.

The expected system would create a system capable of 10,000 x 10,000 points or more. Studer explains that its A-Link is a “point-to-point topology similar to MADI, but is much faster and with a potential capacity of 1,500 channels per connection.”

A release said, “The two companies have worked closely to develop A-Link interface cards for Riedel’s MediorNet and Studer Vista and OnAir DSP engines. A single MediorNet 2U box fitted with six A-link cards can deliver a matrix of 4,608 x 4,608 inputs and outputs, connected to A-Link cards in Studer’s SCore Live DSP systems using optical cables.” Larger systems can be created by linking main boxes in a series.

Studer VP and GM Andy Trott indicated in a release that the companies have been working on this system for two years so fruition is near.

Studer also recently announced that Version 6 of the software for the OnAir broadcast consoles contains the VoiceMix automatic microphone mixing program. Already available in Vista consoles, VoiceMix lowers the level of mics of silent guests in multimic programs to eliminate background and off-mic noise. It can also be programmed for priority overrides for a selected mic or mics.

Studer has also announced that the Vista 1 console is receiving a software upgrade that includes a module of effects from fellow Harman company, Lexicon. The VistaFX package will offer up to eight instances of effects at any one time. Effects available run the usual gamut of reverb, flange, delay, chorus, pitch, etc.