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New Fluke Tools

Test equipment maker ships new testers and multimeters

Fluke Corp., maker of test equipment for a variety of industries, recently released some tools that would be of interest to radio broadcast engineering personnel.

The 1AC-I VoltAlert is a simple battery-operable pen-style voltage tester. A red glow indicates voltage in the line. It also has a battery check feature. No more jamming a knife into the socket and hoping to remain conscious …

The 27 II and 28 II are digital multimeters aimed for extreme environments, which many might think includes a transmitter hut out in the sticks.

Both units are rated to perform continuously at 5–131 degrees Fahrenheit and have an IP 67 water and dust resistance rating. According to Fluke they’ll withstand a 10-foot drop and 95 percent humidity. They will float in their protective yellow holsters.

Features include backlit keypad buttons, large display digits and bright/dim backlighting. Three AA batteries are the power.

Measurement specs include 1,000 V AC and DC, 10 A standard (20 A surge), 10,000 µF capacitance and up to 200 kHz in frequency. For surprises, up to 8,000 V spikes can be handled.