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New Level Radio Puts Barix IP System to Use

'Retail radio' serves businesses in Hawaii and Colorado

Barix IP-based products are used beyond broadcasting.

The company noted that New Level Radio has standardized on its Exstreamer IP audio decoders to deliver custom, branded “retail radio” stations to businesses in Hawaii and Colorado. The system provides a point-to-multipoint “radio broadcast” service over public IP connectivity, which Barix says minimizes implementation costs and system complexity for New Level Radio and its clients.

New Level Radio broadcasts to some 50 stores like Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Pictures Plus, Pricebusters. The service provides live audio to the stores with music, ads and promotional material.

Barix said tens of thousands of Exstreamer IP audio decoders are active within in-store audio platforms in the U.S. and Europe, often as an alternative to satellite delivery platforms. Failover options provide redundancy for in-store playback from encrypted content local to the Exstreamer in the event the live streaming content temporarily goes offline.

In addition to MP3 and WMA playback, Barix has announced support of and aacPlus v1 and v2 codecs in its 2009 models. aacPlus compression provides improved audio quality and/or a reduction in bandwidth and associated costs.

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