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New Monitors From Dynaudio Professional

BM series gets new members on the smaller end

Dynaudio Professional is showing new members to its BM mkIII range of powered studio monitors.

The latest models are the two-way BM Compact mkIII (shown) and the BM5 mkIII.

The Compact mkIII uses a 5.7-inch woofer with an aluminum voice coil and a 1.1-inch soft dome tweeter with an aluminum voice coil. Twin 50 W Class D amplifiers power the drivers. There is a high-pass filter (60/80 Hz) and an input sensitivity switch (-10/+4 dB). It includes XLR and RCA inputs.

Expected frequency response is 49 Hz–24 kHz.

The BM5 mkIII carries many of the same features. Its drivers are a 7-inch woofer with aluminum voice coil and the 1.1-inch tweeter. Frequency response is claimed at 42 Hz–24 kHz.

A bonus — both monitors ship with an IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 speaker stand.