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New ND Mics From Electro-Voice

Multipurpose mics for instrument and voice

Electro-Voice has a new group of microphones available for instrument and voice use in studio or live applications.

The company calls the ND series successors to the long-serving N/Dym series. The family starts with four vocal and four instrument microphones.

The core of the ND series is a capsule built on the N/Dym foundation. Other features include Memraflex grilles, humbucking coils and internal shockmounting.

The ND76 and ND76S are cardioid vocal mics; the S model has an on/off switch. The ND86 is a supercardioid with increased off-axis rejection while the ND96 is a supercardioid designed for loud environments.

The instrument models are the ND44 clip-on aimed at drums; the ND46 dynamic swivel mic; ND66 small-diaphragm condenser pencil-style mic; and the ND68 dynamic kick drum mic.

The ND microphones will begin shipping in spring.