New On-Air Processor From Omnia

Omnia.7 is shipping
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NAB Show season is coming; and that means new product introductions.

Omnia is out with its next FM radio on-air signal processor. Parent company Telos Alliance said the Omnia.7 is now shipping.

Features include “Undo” technology, which recreates audio peaks and adds dynamic range to mastered tracks. A Psychoacoustic Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper removes most distortion from frequencies detectable by the human ear and produces audio that the company described as “both cleaner and louder.”

Omnia Toolbox, included with the processor, provides instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, RTAs and FFTs. The box occupies 2 rack units. Available options include simultaneous processing and encoding for Internet streaming, RDS and HD processing.


Omnia Ships Two New Processors

Citing demand driven by HD Radio multicasts, streaming Internet audio and networked delivery system cluster installations, Omnia Audio is shipping two new processors: Omnia One FM and Omnia.8X.