New RDS/RBDS Encoder Ships From Inovonics

Model 730 supports RDS tagging.
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The Inovonics Model 730 RDS/RBDS Encoder is now shipping.

Support for RT+ tagging is a notable feature, and the encoder has been tested with the Microsoft Zune Portable FM Receiver/Audio Player.

Building off of the Model 713, this TCP/IP-capable encoder features a front-panel knob that allows settings to be viewed and modified. These settings include PI (Program Identification), PTY (Program Type), PS (Program Service name), TP (Traffic Program), TA (Travel Announcement), AF (Alternative Frequency), RT (Radio Text), CT (Clock Time and date) and more.

RDS injection level is controllable. Clock and dates can be automatically adjusted via the Internet.

A built-in dynamic DNS client service allows a "static IP-name" while being behind a dynamic IP address. The unit has improved RAW command with FIFO buffer, which incorporates flexible Free-Format Group redundancy (for example: RT+ and TMC).

It supports DHCP and manual IP; either is configurable from the knob and LCD. The MAC address is visible from the front-panel LCD as well. Inputs and outputs USB, Ethernet and RS-232 (nine-pin D-sub).

The Model 730 is compatible with any FM exciter and does not require a dedicated 19 kHz pilot sync lock.