New Subs Surface at Neumann

Powered subwoofers can control surround sound set-up
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For the content creator wanting it all, Neumann offers KH 810 and KH 870 powered subwoofers.

Both carry integrated 7.1 (eight-channel) bass management with multichannel volume control, low-cut filter and a parametric equalizer.

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Left: KH 810, Right: KH 870

For the KH 810, a 10-inch woofer is magnetically shielded from the 160 W onboard amp. For the KH 870, dual 10-inch woofers are magnetically shielded from a 320 W amp. Neumann specs the subwoofers down to 18 Hz. The rear panel has XLR connections for eight channels.

The KH 810 measures 14 inches x 13 inches x 25.5 inches and weighs in at 57 pounds. The KH 870 is 29 inches x 13 inches x 25.5 inches and weighs in at 103 pounds.Prices: KH 810 - $1,999 and KH 870 - $3,199.


New Neumann Gets Old Number

The new TLM 67 uses the same K 67 capsule as the 1960s Neumann U 67 mic and also features new circuit technology that closely reproduces the sound characteristics of the U 67 without the use of tubes.