Next for Ecreso Is Next FM

The 'all in one' exciter package is now shipping.
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The 'all in one' exciter package is now shipping.

French broadcast equipment manufacturer Ecreso, part of the Audemat family, is now shipping Next FM.

This is an exciter offering 0.5, 20 or 100 Watts of power. It offers a two-/four-band FM/HD/DAB encoder, with RDS encoding. It also offers embedded audio backup and a remote control module. Dual power supplies add to reliability while hot-swappable cooling fans should keep things cool. TCP/IP capability covers the latest in radio networking. The processing sampling frequency is 192 kHz.

Audemat Executive Vice President Christophe Poulain said: "We have decided to combine the Ecreso know-how for FM transmitters with the Audemat expertise in RDS, audio over IP, remote control, FM broadcasting and audio processing."

The exciter can be packaged with RF amplifiers to create a line of transmitters ranging up to 10 kW.