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No-Nonsense Acoustic Paneling

Auralex highlights StudioFoam Pro

Need to knock down the noise but you don’t need or want fancy, brightly colored, oddly shaped or psychologically disturbing acoustic treatment that’s priced “just a bit outside” of your budget?

Auralex’s “plain Jane” Studiofoam Pro might be the ticket.

Only available in always-sexy charcoal gray — with a choice of 2 by 2 feet or 2 by 4 feet, all 1.5 inches thick — Studiofoam Pro provides a noise coefficient of 0.90. Best of all, the edges are beveled. (You can’t beat beveling!)

Bonus is a Class A fire-rating and it has met UL 94 HF-1 and HF-2 ratings. Auralex promises Studiofoam Pro will not rot or crumble. And there’s no melamine. “Until now, Class A rated acoustical treatments included basic cloth-covered fiberglass and a special flame-retardant type of foam called melamine,” the company states. “Melamine can serve as an absorber, but it is not only expensive, its physical attributes make it very sensitive to physical damage.”