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Olesa Radio Relies on AEQ AudioPlus Automation

Ability to communicate with other AEQ equipment provides a bonus

OLESA, SPAIN — Olesa Radio was formed back in 1982 as a local radio community service in Olesa, near Barcelona. Olesa Radio started with programming limited to the afternoon/night and weekends. Counting on a large number of collaborators, Radio Olesa slowly managed to become a reference to local entities and associations.

The main challenge for community stations is to be able to keep a 24/7 schedule of quality programming on air to gain and maintain listeners’ loyalty. This normally involves a huge human and technical effort and the need for alliances that allow for the broadcasting of contents that are of local and national interest.


In 2008, when we moved the studios to the current location, we made the decision to install AEQ’s MAR4SuitePRO automation system. Now we have upgraded to the company’s AudioPlus.

It provides us with some really good features. It is compatible with any kind of audio card, even IP ones.

In addition it has editing and management tools. We have two workstations installed, one for each studio; one of them acts as the server. A dedicated keyboard is used, allowing us to trigger audio files conveniently.

The automatic playout module allows us to prepare a playlist that is assembled based on selection criteria, using a presentation panel that provides the tools for editing the transitions between the audio files in an automatic or semi-automatic way.

We also count on tools to organize advertising, filling the already reserved slots with the contents of each advertiser’s campaigns based on contract criterion. Pricing of advertisement in local stations like ours must be attractive, so the advertisement management costs must be kept low.

News and local information bulletins are usually generated live, although AudioPlus allows us to remotely assemble, modify and broadcast news contents from a PC.

While AudioPlus has a quick audio editor, in order to create more artistic content such as intros, jingles and special ads, it also allows for working with external editors such as Adobe Audition, which we also use.

In order for a local radio station to be able to air interesting content day and night, it is important to work with other organizations that provide content.


In order to provide a high-quality music programming during the night, from 12 to 7 a.m., we broadcast music and cultural programming by The costs involved in the creation of such content ourselves would not be acceptable for a small corporation like ours.

For the rest of the day, many local radio stations in Catalonia are integrated in the La Xarxa Audiovisual Local SL (XAL) network. The network consists of 125 stations collaborating in the generation and broadcasting of contents via an IP network using AEQ’s Venus codecs.

Xarxa has its headquarters, studios and main station in Barcelona. Using a specially designed software application, contributions from the local stations and distribution using multicast groups can be organized.

AEQ AudioPlus automation system via the Venus codecs can respond to instructions generated by the Barcelona Xarxa headquarters. This way, thanks to AudioPlus, we receive news in the morning and noon; we also participate in a daily collaborative program in the afternoons and produce a weekly program about opera for other stations.

For Olesa Radio AEQ AudioPlus radio production and broadcasting automation system provides power and efficiency that is helpful to local radio stations in producing quality content 24/7.

For information, contact AEQ in Spain at +34-91-686-1300 or visit