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OMB Brings Higher Efficiency Transmitter

NAB Sneak Peek: FM 5 kW model to debut at NAB Show

Transmitter maker OMB Broadcast says it will introduce a new, more efficient, 5 kW FM transmitter at the NAB Show.

The company says that the new higher efficiency transmitter was designed around and is made with three independent power supply units of 3 kW each, with the idea of overprovisioning this part of the amplifier and also adding additional protection with internal transient or surge arrestors built into the amplifier.

The RF block is made of six highly-efficient 1,200 W amplifier modules, with ratings of up to 80% RF efficiency, according to the company.

The RF modules are fed with individual DC circuit breakers. A low-pass filter reduces the harmonic and spurious emissions to levels lower than those required by international standards such as those defined by the CCIR, FCC and so on. The protection and control system is made to log all working events in real time. The amplifier also has analog and digital telemetry, foldback protection and very fast power shutoff in case of an alarm.

The TFT color display screen allows monitoring and control of all working parameters like power input and power output, reflected power, the six current levels and voltage of the power supply units.

The variable speed air cooling system was designed to react to the temperature and thus consumes less energy and reduces noise.

NAB Show Booth: C1754