Omnia Gives AM the .7 Treatment

Designed to treat AM-specific audio problems
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Following in the footsteps of the Omnia Audio Omnia.7FM processor, the Telos Alliance has released an AM station version, the Omnia.7AM.

Telos Alliance CEO and Omnia Audio founder Frank Foti explained, “The Omnia.7AM is a tool specifically designed for the AM spectrum’s unique challenges that AM broadcasters can start using immediately to improve their sound.”

A release said, “[T]he Omnia.7AM uses current, up-to-date technology to address the problems AM broadcasters face today. It employs some of the same features of the 7FM. All aspects of the processing infrastructure, bandwidth, and their output signals, however, have been specially engineered for maximum efficiency and performance within the AM spectrum. ”

The release offered specifics: “Omnia’s Psychoacoustic Controlled Distortion Masking Clipper analyzes and masks distortion perceptible to the human ear. [The]Dry Voice Detector applies processing for clearer voices on talk content, a big plus for AM talk radio.”

Additional features include: onboard real-time analyzers, oscilloscopes, FFTs, three-stage wideband AGC with adjustable sidechain equalization, program-dependent two-to-five multiband AGCs and limiters, dual independent power supplies, and relay bypass for a backup processor. The Omnia.7AM can also be remote-controlled via IP.

NAB Show Booth: N1934


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