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Omnia Inaugurates Preset Web Site

New processor presets from company and users to be available

Like the proverbial woman and her shoes, when it comes to processor presets can you really ever have too many? There may only be one time you’ll use “CG NPR Pure” but it’s great to have it handy for that special occasion.

To facilitate those times, Omnia Audio has opened a new section on its Web site for preset storage and downloading. At present, new presets Omnia One and 6EX and 6EXi HD+FM are available.

Many are from Omnia’s Cornelius Gould but the manufacturer encourages users to offer their tweaked versions for general distribution. Engineers Mike Erickson and Wes Keene have carved their names into Omnia preset marble.

Omnia does warn that storing more than 20 presets can cause problems in the 6EX or 6EXi processors so some discrimination needs to be exercised.

These presets are free.