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Omnia Puts Processor Into a PC

Company is thinking “outside” the box

Making a splash at the IBC Show in Amsterdam, processor manufacturer Omnia Audio is eschewing “the box” and making a software processor available for installation directly into a standard computer.

The OmniaSST is a new angle for the company. It was developed in coordination with Hans van Zutphen.

Omnia describes it as “bringing together the very best FM preprocessing/processing and the Telos Alliance.”

It is designed to “to clean and repair incoming audio, optimizing it before it hits compression, limiting, and final processing stages. It can remove unwanted sounds such as a 50/60 Hz hum from bad cables, repair clipped audio using the Perfect Declipper, improve the sound of lossy compressed audio such as MPEG2/MP3 material, and automatically repair stereo phase shift problems.”

It will offer many Omnia presets from traditional processor boxes along with FM pre-emphasis, stereo and RDS encoding and all the traditional things broadcast processors offer. Omnia says that with an Intel i7 CPU latency can be as low as 5 mS.

The company stresses that one of the OmniaSST’s strengths is the µMPX codec, “a specialized codec purpose-built for FM radio, [that] is able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a small 320 kbps data pipe. Reduced data requirements mean high-quality multiplexed audio and RDS signals can be directly routed over IP from a processor into an exciter, opening tremendous possibilities for efficient MPX audio transport.”