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Omnia.11 Users Get a Preset in Their Stockings

Wide range of styles makes Christmas music a unique challenge for stations, company says

Christmas music is popping up all around the dial in many markets. Now Omnia has released a suitable preset for the Omnia.11 processor.

“One of the major challenges in processing holiday music is the extremely wide variety of recording artists and eras which are played in a typical presentation,” the company stated.

“It is probably the only time when a pre-tape Bing Crosby recording may be heard back-to-back with a current artist’s highly produced, digital release, or a traditional Christmas carol resides in the same set as a contemporary drum and bass favorite.”

The Omnia.11 Christmas preset is intended to help stations process accordingly. A holiday preset is also available for Omnia 06 users.

The Omnia.11 and Omnia 06 Christmas presets are available to users free at