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Omnia.11FM Is Available

Aimed at those without the need for HD processing

Omnia Audio is spinning off a product from its Omnia.11 processor platform. The Omnia.11FM has, according to the company, the power and performance of the Omnia.11 while omitting the HD Radio/DRM stage.

The Omnia.11 platform uses Chameleon Processing Technology for analyzing music in real time. Omnia says it adjusts the processing to reveal more detail, clarity and quality while maintaining desired loudness. It adds a Density Detector for handling “hypercompressed” content. Attack and release functions are adjusted based upon content density while audio is analyzed in the amplitude and frequency domain and the unit dynamically adapts the timing to control the signal.

Omnia says that the UltraLoIMD distortion-controller clipper system suppresses harmonic and IM distortion while aggressively processing, without resorting to dynamic limiting that adds pumping and hole-punching.

Omnia says that the Omnia.11 FM can be upgraded to a full Omnia.11 at a later date. It is expected to retail for $2,000 less.