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On Air With RAMI

New range of studio light indicators

The new RGL100 and RGL300 LED indicator columns from RAMI are particularly appropriate for on-air radio studios using video and broadcasting on the Web.

Able to fit on any type of mic arm between the threading and the mic holder, the RGL100 indicates to the technician and announcer which mic is live.

The more sophisticated RGL300 shows information such as which mics are on air and which are off air, the arrival of incoming phone calls, and if there is a necessity for short information breaks. The RGL300 is available with three, four or five colored rings (red, green, blue, yellow or white) and in two different sizes — a height of 125 or 400 millimeters. The latter allows the rings to be placed above the computer screens on the speaker’s table.

An RJ-11 connector links the telephone line directly to the system so that the yellow ring blinks immediately when there is an incoming call. An RJ-45 facilitates all other connections. It is also possible for the user to switch the systems on/off via the consoles, to regulate the ring to either a blinking or fixed mode and adjust brightness levels accordingly. The RGL300 can be fixed on the table or against a wall.

IBC stand: 8.B36d