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OnAir Medya Presents its FM Transmitter Line

Focuses on reduced costs, LDMOS technology, more

Turkey-based FM transmitter manufacturer OnAir Medya was present at IBC2015, showcasing its latest transmitter innovations.

According to the company, thanks to its vast research carried out over the last two years, it has managed to reduce the cost of transmitter operation. Lutfi Aysan, president of OnAir Medya says that the firm has been hard at work with a main focus — to reduce costs for radio stations.

“Firstly we changed the design of our transmitters and have started to use LDMOS devices which is the most efficient technology in the market,” he said. “We have also reduced the complexity of our transmitters, so we have managed to increase their reliability while reducing operational costs.”

OnAir Medya also points out that it has designed a GSM modem featuring audio input and GPIO relay contacts for remote monitoring and control of the transmitters via the Internet.

“We calculated energy consumption and maintenance costs and discovered that it is possible to purchase a new LDMOS transmitter with the same amount of money it takes to run older transmitters for two years,” Aysan added.