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Optimod 1600 PCn Adds “Faster-Than-Real-Time” Processing

Rorb Inc. has updated its native-code audio processor

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Orban PCn1600 Screenshot

Bob Orban’s company Rorb Inc. says new file processing capabilities have been added to the Optimod 1600 PCn native-code audio processor.

“To streamline the workflow in audio mastering and podcast production, we have now added the ability to do faster-than-real-time offline file processing, both individually and in batches,” President Bob Orban said in the announcement.

He said that the Optimod 1600 PCn was created to offer “real-time processing for digital media.” Its software is compatible with Windows and Intel.

Rorb Inc. was founded in 2010 as a privately held California S Corporation and is based in Belmont, Calif.

The press release noted that the Optimod PCn product was not included in the 2016 DaySequerra acquisition of the manufacturing company Orban; the product is owned by Rorb Inc. and distributed by Greg Ogonowski’s StreamS/Modulation Index LLC. It uses the Orban and Optimod trademarks under license and, of course, utilizes “authentic Optimod algorithms.”