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Orban Adds RDS

8500S Optimod-FM processer debuts

Processor maker Orban is tweaking its high end processors by adding onboard RDS/RBDS generators. The recipients are the 8600 Digital MPX, 8600S and the new 8500S.

Orban says that the generator “supports automatic scrolling PS from text input. This implements real-time station signature and artist/title display on the RDS receiver’s PS display, which is usually the default display. Built-in RDS eliminates an external RDS generator as a point of system failure.”

The company adds, “It also ensures that the RDS subcarrier is in quadrature with the pilot tone. This minimizes additional RDS-induced peak modulation, leaving more headroom for the audio and maximizing loudness.”

HD Radio processor models will also support the upgrade.

The new Optimod-FM 8500S model ships in FM-only and digital versions. The “digital” version handles Internet and HD Radio paths as well as analog. The unit is aimed at the budget-conscious. The FM-only model can be upgraded to digital model later.

The 8500S offers stereo enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, composite limiting along with a delay (up to 16 seconds). It is also fully network remote operable.