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Orban Highlights Codec Upgrades

RTMP support allows platforms to work with Adobe Flash Media Server.

(click thumbnail)Following the streaming meme that will be strong at the convention, Orban will show attendees Version 3 of its streaming and file software encoders, Opticodec 1010 and Opticodec 1020.

The heart of the upgrade is RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) support that allows the Opticodec platforms to work with Adobe Flash Media Server.

The company notes that the Adobe Flash Player is on approximately 95% of PCs on the Internet including Apple Macs and Linux platforms. “With the addition of the Flash Media Server 3, the Opticodec now addresses every major streaming server platform with the exception of the Windows Media Server. Shoutcast, Icecast, Darwin, Real and now Flash are all supported, which gives Opticodec users the ability to get to more devices than any other codec with the exception of the dated and inefficient MP3 format,” the company stated.

Optimod PC 1100 owners can request a free demo of the v3 software with RTMP. Send the card serial number and unfiltered e-mail return address to [email protected]

Booth: 600.