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Orban Will Show Optimod-FM 8600S

And its 8600 gets a ratings encoder loopthrough

One of the fun things about the NAB Show is the new gear — especially if it’s a new processor. Orban will show one at next month’s NAB Show.

The Optimod-FM 8600S is a 1RU box with Orban’s MX audio processing technology. It is aimed at FM stations. An HD Radio upgrade kit is available for creating an 8600S-HD.

The 8600S can be controlled via its front panel but the real depth is found using the PC remote software. Orban says that compared with the Optimod-FM 8500, the 8600S should provide “2-3 dB more high-frequency energy, greater transient impact and lower distortion.”

The company also notes that a 10 MHz GPS or rubidium reference signal can be fed to the 8600S for locking the 19 kHz pilot tone to the reference.

Also at Orban, the Optimod-FM 8600 is now shipping with software and hardware support for a “ratings-encoder loopthrough” that allows a ratings encoder to be inserted between the output of the audio processing and the input of the stereo encoder.

Running the processed signal through the ratings encoder minimizes the number of “low audio level” alarms. To achieve this functionality, older 8600s require a modification to the input/output circuit board (removal of a resistor and addition of a jumper wire). Orban recommends that this mod be done by Orban service.

NAB Show Booth: N5006