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Paravel Releases New Rivendell

Version 2.0 of radio automation software available. Elves rejoice.

Paravel Systems, developer of the Linux-based Rivendell radio automation system, has announced the availability of version 2.0.

V 2.0 is available as part of an auto-installing CD that simplifies installation.

Fred Gleason, president and chief developer at Paravel Systems, said, “The release of Rivendell 2.0 seemed an ideal time for us to make Rivendell available in a supportable, self-contained, easy to install package.”

He said Rivendell runs on top of the GNU/Linux operating system, which makes for enhanced system stability and reliability. But, he continued, this can also be a source of intimidation for those who are not familiar with that environment.

“The Rivendell Broadcast Appliance gives customers a way to install and run Rivendell with no special Linux expertise required.” Should assistance be required, Paravel’s support engineers are available by phone.

The Rivendell software is free. Rivendell is a full radio automation package with scheduling/playback, library, logging, recording, etc. modules.