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Pelican Sees All

Rechargeable LED headlamp offers three levels of intensity

Pelican Products has a nifty product for the engineer that has almost everything — a headlamp.

The 2780R uses LEDs and offers three levels of intensity. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, via a USB charger, operation time varies by intensity: high — 558 lumens/2 hours; medium — 213 lumens/3 hours; and low — 95 lumens/7.5 hours.

The water- and weather-resistant polymer lighthead also has a second “downcast” LED for lighting the space immediately ahead and below. The whole head can be pivoted 70 degrees. The forward beam has an estimated effective range of 127 meters.

The battery pack mounts on the rear of the head harness for balance. It also contains a battery level indicator and red safety light.

The 2780R ships with cloth head harness and black, white and luminescent covers.

Price: $119.95.