Phase Technologies Aim to Correct Phase Problems

PT Series expands on design of DPC series.
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Phase Technologies says its new Phase Perfect PT series digital phase converters expand on the design of its existing DPC series three-phase converter.

The compact, lightweight, wall-mount design promises clean, balanced power using solid-state power switching technology that eliminates the need for a continuously running motor.

Voltage balance is ±1% under all load conditions and an efficiency of 97% is typical. The Phase Perfect PT models can be used worldwide with either 50 Hz or 60 Hz and have EMI enclosure and filtering options. A vacuum fluorescent display with 36 character text for status indicators is available.

The Phase Perfect converter provides protection for your equipment due to under-voltage, over-voltage and single phasing. The Phase Perfect PT series is available in five sizes from 15 kVA to 80 kVA.

Installation can usually be accomplished in minutes with a minimum of additional equipment, the company says.