Platinum Tools Detects PoE

Handy tool for the mushrooming Ethernet ecosystem
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Handy tool for the mushrooming Ethernet ecosystem
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Here’s a fun little tool from Platinum Tools that could make a great little stocking stuffer for the engineer with IT work or who deals with gadgets featuring power over Ethernet.

Called simply PoE Detector, though not of the Edgar Allan variety, the pocket-size device detects end/mid-span voltages on network cables.

The new mini detector’s LED indicators show “Go/No-Go” detection on PoE networks. Cables are plugged directly into the onboard RJ45 jack to detect voltage in wall jacks. Or an included patch cord can be used.

The PoE Detector also differentiates between end-span PoE power, which is supplied from PoE switches, router, and mid-span voltage from injectors. End-span detection indicates voltages are found on pairs 1/2, 3/6; mid-span detection indicates voltages found on pairs 4/5, 7/8.

The PoE Detector is also 802.3af or 802.3at compatible. Price: $12.95


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