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Plugfest Demonstrates AES67 Interoperability

Reinforces the value of both the AES67 standard and the Ravenna implementation, says Digigram

Digigram recently participated in the AES67 interoperability test held in cooperation with EBU at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik in Munich.

Digigram and other vendors demonstrated interoperability between different implementations of AES67-2013 across more than a dozen products. The event, said Digigram, reinforced the value of both the AES67 standard and the Ravenna implementation that it has incorporated into its range of IP audio codecs and sound cards.

“The success of the Plugfest tests not only confirms the practical value and promise of AES67 and AES67-compatible open technology standards such as Ravenna, but also validates our decision to implement these technologies in our IQOYA product line and sound card offering,” said Nicolas Sturmel, head of research at Digigram.

The LX-IP Ravenna PCIe sound card was Digigram’s first Ravenna-enabled product.