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Power and Light From Neutrik

Sneak Peek: PowerCon True1 is a lockable single-phase AC power connector

Once upon a time when it came to the NAB show, the latest from Neutrik might be a new XLR connector or receptacle package.

Not that they’ve stopped making those products; but at the 2011 convention, look for something a little off that track too, called PowerCon True1.

This is a durable, lockable single-phase AC power connector. According to the company it is one of the first of its kind to feature IEC 60320 breaking capacity, designed for 16 A, 250 VAC. It’s a complete system, including inlet and outlet couplers for easy daisy-chaining of equipment.

The True1 also provides for high-density requirements with a duplex chassis connector combining an inlet and outlet coupler. Due to its high-breaking capacity, show crew and other production professionals can connect large amounts of electrical equipment without worrying that interruptions to the current will cause a catastrophic electric arc, Neutrik says.

Also new is the OpticalCon PowerMonitor, purpose-built measurement and monitoring device for fiber-optic broadcast, audio and video applications. The PowerMonitor can handle four transmission channels simultaneously for live on-air status about the fiber-optic signal and to simplify troubleshooting. Programmable alarm signals control the power budget of the fiber-optic transmission lines. Available in 19-inch panels or mobile breakout boxes.

NAB Show Booth: C8137