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Power on the Go

PowerStat is a portable power source in a road case

The ISS PowerStat is a battery-powered backup power source built into a heavy-duty, weather-resistant and vibration-resistant rolling road case.

Being battery-operated it can silently and immediately run indoors where solid or liquid fuel-powered generators cannot, the company says.

The PowerStat isn’t going to run a big transmitter or a facility but it can run computers, smaller electrical equipment and critical components in emergencies or in remote locations.

According to Information Station Specialists — which sells low-power transmitters, advisory signs and related gear for roadside radio systems — the PowerStat’s swappable gel battery packs can recharge in app. 10 hours. Power output is estimated to be 160 AH and 1,800 watts. It also outputs a clean 120 VAC sine wave.

The unit weighs 210 pounds and is 23 inches x 28.25 inches x 30.5 inches.