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Power-Tiller Has a Radiant Character

PSI also shows Slant-V and other antenna offerings for FM and TV

Propagation Systems Inc.— PSI is showing antennas and related products for FM and TV applications.

For FM, it is exhibiting medium- and high-power versions of the Power-Tiller and Slant-V along with a cavity-backed panel antenna and the vertically polarized PSIFLV.

PSI says the popular Power-Tiller is noted for its radiation characteristics and the Slant-V provides a reliable solution at a lower cost. An HD Radio version of each model is available.

The Power-Tiller, shown, is an omnidirectional, circularly polarized FM broadcast antenna. Copper and corrosion- resistant brass construction ensure conductivity and longevity as well as excellent VSWR bandwidth. The Power-Tiller is available in high power (PSIFHR) for input power up to 60 kW and medium power (PSIFMR) for input power up to 15 kW. Elements are stacked in arrays of up to 12 bays for increased gain and are end fed from a support boom.

The Slant-V style antenna consists of two shunt fed dipole elements in a slanted V configuration forming a circularly polarized radiator. It is also available with vertically or horizontally polarized elements. The elements are stacked vertically in arrays of up to 12 bays for increased gain. For arrays requiring beam tilt and/or null fill, a center feed system is required. This antenna is available with “breakdown” elements to allow the dipole elements to be disassembled from the support boom. This reduces crating and shipping costs. The Slant-V antenna is available in low, medium and high power. Models include: PSIFML for input power up to 4.5 kW, PSIFM for input power up to 12 kW and PSIFH for input power up to 40 kW. The entire antenna system is pressurized through the rigid inter-bay line to the feed point of each radiator. For areas where icing conditions are frequent or severe, electrical deicers are available. Standard brackets for mounting to a round member of up to 4 inches are included with every antenna. Custom brackets for non-uniform towers are available at an additional cost.

Also being show is the PSI CB Series cavity-backed broadband antenna for FM and VHF TV. A special wide-band dipole element excites a cavity resonator that results in an antenna that the company says outperforms the flat-panel antennas. And PSI is promoting its PSIFLV vertically polarized FM antenna, for broadcasters searching for a solution for low power that is omnidirectional and vertically polarized.

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