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Preco Introduces Logitek ROC Audio Console to UK

Preco will unveil for the first time in the United Kingdom the Logitek ROC audio control console at Broadcast Video Expo, Feb. 14–16.

A modular system with a low profile control panel, which can be placed directly onto an existing work surface, ROC is designed for swift and easy operation in live control rooms, post-production rooms and news booths. Available in six, 12, 18 and 24 fader configurations, the console can be integrated into permanent or temporary studios.

The ROC control surface comprises 100 mm long-throw Penny & Giles faders, OLED source indicators and meters, along with a suite of controls to maximize the power of Logitek’s JetStream audio-over-IP platform.

Moreover, the ROC monitor control module features a central selector for accessing sources, compression settings and EQ. Other features include the availability of three assignable knobs for use with the included vScreen PC application for VGA meter bridges, 12 configurable softkeys for assigning quick routes or any other function, and control buttons one can set to any of 256 colors via software.