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Presenting the Next Presenter

Sneak Peek: ENCO’s radio automation suite goes ‘slash 2’

The Presenter live assist radio automation system from ENCO Systems is getting an upgrade.

Called Presenter/2, the new iteration, to be shown at NAB, features LiveList. According to ENCO, “LiveList technology allows sharing of monitoring and control of a Presenter screen from any workstation on the network, making control and studio switching painless and easy… Because Presenter is built on the ENCO DAD Audio and Control Engine, it also benefits from enhanced metadata tools for HD Radio and webcasting.”

A new addition is a manual mode, “for those times when absolute manual control is needed while still requiring an instant return to a live assist or automated mode of operation,” according to ENCO.

“ENCO will also introduce a new remote voice tracking technology that makes is easy to track and administer voice tracking from any market to any other market.”

Don Backus, VP of sales and marketing, said Presenter/2 adds requested choices and features to the Presenter radio automation interface platform.

NAB Show Booth: C1317