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Prism Sound Has dScope Software Update

Prism Sound Has dScope Software Update

Prism Sound said it has done a “major update” to the software functionality of its dScope audio test system.
The new software includes the Acoustics 1 package, which offers transducer/room test support, including dBSPL units; measurement of mic sensitivity and freq-response calibration; impulse response by MLS and swept-sine method (also useful for electronic/DSP EUTs); and dynamic LS impedance measurement by use of an external ballast resistor in series with EUT. Analog I/O will run optionally at 48 kHz as well as 96 and 192 kHz.
The PC Audio 1 package is included for users who need to test complex EUTs which appear as part of the PC’s audio system, including sound cards and Bluetooth headsets.
Wavetable-based generation and FFTA-based analysis will be possible via Windows sound devices as well as the dScope hardware.
Booths: N2524 and N1327