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AEQ Publishes Starlink Tech Note

To help its codec users connect to the satellite system

AEQ has published an application note about using its Talent and Alio codecs with the Starlink satellite system.

It said the combination allows broadcast high-quality audio from anywhere with low delay, permitting live two-way dialogue.

“This system is very useful where there is no data coverage by GSM, 3G, 4G, etc., or the service is not guaranteed because of possible saturation of the network,” the manufacturer wrote in its announcement.

“Starlink represents a qualitative leap over conventional satellite systems such as Inmarsat, etc., as it provides stable connections of tens of Mbps with a cost comparable to that of terrestrial fiber lines, and a minimum investment, in geographical areas in constant expansion, soon, all over the world,” AEQ wrote.

“It’s based on a low-orbit constellation of thousands of satellites, which allows for a very low delay (typically about 25 ms) and consistent signal, as there will be several satellites in sight at all times. The antenna is a flat surface of 30 x 50 cm that is automatically oriented and weighs just over 4 kg.”

Billing is by time with a flat rate. The router offers WiFi but AEQ recommends adding the optional Ethernet switch to provide wired connectivity to the audio codecs.

AEQ recommends Opus encoding but said Starlink’s high bit rate allows broadcasts even in uncompressed PCM modes.  

Read the application note (PDF).

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