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Aiir Adds WhatsApp to Studio Inbox

"You can get voice notes on air within seconds of them being sent"

Concept image showing an icon for WhatsApp superimposed on a generic software user screen, under the logo for Aiir

Aiir Inc. has added WhatsApp support to Studio Inbox.

“Customers can now see and reply to messages, images, videos and voice recordings from WhatsApp, alongside other content like SMS, email, social posts, website form submissions and RSS feeds,” the company said in the announcement.

Studio Inbox is a listener interaction dashboard product for radio stations that brings these messages together on one screen. Users organize messages via a web-based interface.

“Aiir’s new WhatsApp integration means you can get voice notes on air within seconds of them being sent. Listener audio messages can be played directly in Studio Inbox or downloaded for later use. This allows broadcasters to react quickly and enhance their output with authentic listener voices.”

Stations can curate messages in workspaces that can be used by a host or entire teams. “Everything is kept in sync across multiple screens so it’s ideal for flexible or remote production.”

Studio Inbox is offered in the United States on barter by Premiere Networks, with cash deals available in the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere.

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