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NAB Sneak Peek: Angry Audio Is Amped Up in Vegas

New(ish) company debuts problem-solving widgets

Angry Audi Guest GizmoAngry Audio will be a new name to many but the widget maker might bring some smiles to faces with its problem-solvers.

Debuting for the NAB Show audience are two tools — the Guest Gizmo (shown) and the Bidirectional Balancing Gadget.The Guest Gizmo is a multifeatured RF-resistant metal panel for studio guests. It has a cough button and a headphone amp with volume control. According to Angry Audio cough circuit can connect to a small mixer’s insert jack, or to the muting logic of a broadcast board. The Guest Gizmo can even light up a mic arm tally, according to the company. It can be installed in a cable/grommet hole.

Angry Audio says that its Bidirectional Balancing Gadget has exclusive “Ground-Breaking” technology suppresses ground loop noise while converting unbalanced signals to pristine, broadcast-grade balanced audio. It converts one stereo pair from unbalanced to balanced, and a second stereo pair from balanced to unbalanced — for things such as recording devices or computers.

NAB Show Booth: C1722


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