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Audio-Technica BP28 and BP28L Line + Shotgun Microphones Debut

A-T has introduced its new BP28 and BP28L line + gradient large diaphragm condenser microphones

Audio-Technica BP28 and BP28L

Audio-Technica has introduced its new BP28 14-inch and BP28L 22.4-inch line + gradient large diaphragm condenser microphones, intended for use in broadcast, film, television, outdoor recording and theater applications.

Combining a large-diaphragm condenser element with a 28 mm diameter shotgun design aiming for low-noise performance, the mics sport tight polar patterns and a patented acoustic port design that aids directionality.

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Both mics offer a highly directional pickup pattern, but the BP28L’s pattern is said to be exceptionally narrow. They provide low noise levels (BP28: 8 dB; BP28L: 3 dB), high sensitivity (BP28: –28 dBV; BP28L: –23 dBV), wide dynamic range (135 dB), and high-SPL capability (BP28: 143 dB; BP28L: 138 dB). Additionally, they are equipped with a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and 10 dB pad. Each microphone is housed in lightweight, structural-grade aluminum alloy.

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