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Avantone Pro Introduces Gauss 7 Studio Monitors

The Gauss 7 is an active full-range, two-way reference monitor

Avantone, Guass 7, speakers, audio monitorsAvantone Pro is launching Gauss 7, an active full-range, two-way reference monitor that aims to evoke a vintage sound with the addition of modern technologies. Cetex Gauss, based out of Sun Valley, Calif., was best-known for its tape duplication equipment, but its short-lived speaker brand of the early 1970s is being used as a jumping-off point for the new line.

The Gauss 7 features a 2.5-inch (65 mm) GAU-AMT aluminum-etched PET (polyethylene terephthalate) film-folded membrane high-frequency driver that offers a response up to 22 kHz. The assembly is mounted in its own enclosure to avoid back wave pressure from the woofer.

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Woofer-wise, the Gauss 7 includes a 7-inch (178 mm) ferrite motor GAU-7MLF low-frequency driver. It draws from Avantone Pro’s AV10-MLF “white cone” construction. The woofer cone is a pressed design, fabricated from the same proprietary blend of wood pulp and glass fiber found in the AV10-MLF woofer, but with increased materials providing extended low end. The woofer’s motor structure is made of low-carbon 1008 steel.

The rear-firing passive bass port gives the Gauss 7 a “controlled yet punchy low end with a tight response,” the company said.

On the power front, there is a 120 W power amplifier for the low-frequency driver and 60 W high-frequency driver amplifier power. Specs include 103 dB (peak) SPL; and 0.5% THL delivered from an enclosure measuring 381 mm (15 inches) H x 235 mm (9.25 inches) W x 212 mm (8.35 inches) D. Weight is 18 pounds.

It also includes balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs, plus a three-position “acoustic placement” switch, a three-position high trim switch and a gain control.

Gauss 7 will be shipping in early June for $799 per pair.