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“Best of Show” Up Close: RCS Revma

The Content Delivery Network can scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of streams

Radio World Best of Show Award 2020 logo

“Best of Show” Up Close is a series of Q&As with participants in Radio World’s annual springtime Best of Show Awards program.

RCS nominated its Revma Professional-Grade Streaming.

Radio World: What is Revma, and what kind of users is it intended for?

RCS: Revma is a Content Delivery Network that allows professionals from small to large scales to distribute their stream and efficiently duplicate their feeds to multiple destinations and configurations. Revma is compatible with industry standard encoders and players, as well as can be custom tailored to specific user workflows.

RW: What sets it apart from similar offerings in this product class?

RCS: Revma is different from most Content Delivery Networks because it can easily scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of streams, all while maintaining a next level of ultra-high reliability, with rich analytic detail.

To further monetize their streams, users can also take advantage of Revma’s VAST compliance ad-insertion technology, which can be further controlled with a wide array of rules, like geo-targeting and more.

The Revma Conference App, one of the many tools available for broadcasters included as part of the Revma package, creates a cloud studio in which hosts can invite multiple participants from different geographical locations, to be mixed as part of a single output stream.

RCS Revma Ads Graph
Revma Ads Graph

RW: RCS has been emphasizing the ability of many of its products to work remotely. What about Revma?

RCS: The Revma UI is completely web-based and can be accessed via any computer or device with an internet browser using defined logins and passwords. Administrators can remotely monitor their streams, adjust configurations and run analytic reports, all of which can be done without downloading from an app store or installing software on a machine.

RW: What does it cost? Is it shipping?

RCS: Available now. Since every client has different unique requirements, our RCS sales representatives are available to tailor each Revma quote to a user’s desired setup.

RW: What else should we know about Revma?

RCS: For commercial in-store radio applications, Revma also has an In-Store Radio model in which administrators can define centralized programming that is broken down between Blends, content, and Breaks, commercial traffic, that can be duplicated from the master feed or overwritten with each location’s own blends and/or breaks.

Most importantly, as part of the RCS family of products, users know they’re receiving renowned worldwide support, sales, development and reliability.

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