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Black Circle Radio Uses Digigram Iqoya Guest

Mitch Anderson can do his all-vinyl show remotely

Mitch Anderson in his home studio.

From our Who’s Buying what page: Mitch Anderson is using Digigram’s Iqoya X/Link LE audio codec and Iqoya Guest tool for his show “Black Circle Radio.”

The all-vinyl show airs Monday evenings on WFFR(LP) in Muskegon. It began at Central Michigan University’s WMHW(FM) in 2009.

Digigram said the tools create the illusion of in-person recording while allowing remote work. 

“To function remotely, it is necessary for Anderson to have call-in capability without a lag in feed as well as a professional FM broadcast output with stable bandwidth,” Digigram wrote in a press release.

It quoted Anderson saying, “We don’t have fiber here and there were times I had to use telephone line internet, which was really slow. … Digigram, in real time, compensates for fluctuations within upload and download speeds of audio. This allows for an overall more human experience.”

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