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Broadband System Serves Nebraska Farmers

Who’s Buying What: Jampro Penetrator supports radio networks

From our Who’s Buying What page: Nebraska Rural Radio Network is using a JCPB-H Broadband Penetrator for multiple broadband radio networks supplied and installed by Jampro.

According to the manufacturer, the Nebraska Rural Radio Association, which airs weather and agricultural information to farmers and ranchers, required a broadband FM system that included antenna, combiner, patching system, rigid coax and related components.

JCPB-H Broadband Penetrator, supplied by Jampro.

“The aim was to cover the entire FM band, provide an excellent VSWR and ensure the gain across the band. Tower space and loading were also concerns. The use of a panel antenna system was not an option.”

Jampro said the antenna has found applications elsewhere to combine up to eight frequencies.

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It said the space and layout of the combiner and patching systems were of concern so Jampro designed a configuration for the system within the limitations of the transmitter building.

The RCCC/RCCS Hybrid Constant Impedance and Starpoint Combiner, shown, minimizes the use of floor space. Jampro highlights the combiner for its isolation, insertion loss and group delay. 

Jampro also supplied a two-bay broadband antenna for stand-by use during scheduled maintenance of the tower or other systems.

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