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Countryman Provides Phantom Power

All-purpose phantom power supply ready when needed

phantom power, Countyrman AssociatesIn these days of USB mics and microphones phantom powered by broadcast mixers, needing a separate phantom power supply may seem like a trip in the Wayback Machine.

But should an engineer find themselves in in need, Countryman’s Phantom Power Supply module provides low- noise, balanced phantom power.

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Powered by 9 V batteries or wall wart, it offers 12 V, 24 V and 48 V power. anytime. The Phantom Power Supply comes in a rugged diecast aluminum box, ideal for rattling around in a kit for when needed.

Countryman Associates President Chris Countryman said, “Condenser microphones need rock solid power for maximum performance, particularly for low noise and high overload. Many mixers and audio inputs provide no phantom power, questionable power, or only provide it in switchable banks. We developed our Phantom Power Supply to deliver the cleanest power and the most options in the smallest possible size.”