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Digital Alert Systems Partners With Inovonics

They offer a solution for broadcasters that need outboard EAS tuners

Digital Alert Systems and Inovonics announced a partnership for broadcasters that need external monitoring receivers for Emergency Alert System devices.

“The solution combines the Inovonics Model 677 AM/FM/NOAA Triple Tuner receiver with Digital Alert Systems DASDEC-II, DASDEC-III and One-Net SE models of emergency messaging devices,” they said in the announcement.

“While the Digital Alert Systems DASDEC series offers the option of internal receivers, some customer locations or configurations require outboard or external tuners to monitor their required EAS assignments. In these applications, the Model 677 provides a compact yet powerful set of receivers for those difficult situations.”

The 677 Triple Tuner can interface with DASDEC-II/-III models. It has three independent receivers to monitor any combination of AM, FM and NOAA broadcasts. It includes a web interface with remote monitoring features including notifications for reception errors and remote verification listening via audio stream.

“With primary utility as an off-air monitor/receiver for EAS and NOAA emergency broadcasts, the 677 functions as a stable and dependable radio receiver and audio source for connecting to a DASDEC/One-Net device that either doesn’t have the internal tuner option or that might require a more robust tuner for challenging reception cases,” the companies said.

Digital Alert Systems has published an application note explaining how to connect the Model 677 to DASDEC configurations in dual- and four-input devices. It outlines the wiring between the components, with several options depending on the DASDEC model.

The announcement was made by Inovonics President/CEO Ben Barber and Digital Alert Systems VP of Business Development Bill Robertson.

“Not every broadcaster can use our internal tuners, so for those customers, having an alternate solution is crucial,” Robertson said in the release. 

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