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Elenos Transmitters in Use in Netherlands

Broadcast Partners deploys ETG Indiums

Elenos said Dutch broadcast network operator Broadcast Partners is using its ETG Indium FM transmitters to support its services in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Broadcast Partners is responsible in total for the daily management of approximately 500 transmitters, according to its website. It has transmitter “parks” in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark that support national commercial and public radio stations.

Werner de Schepper at the Gerbrandytoren site.

Elenos described the terrain of the Netherlands: “The country has a flat landscape without significant differences in height. In this situation it is possible to serve a large part of the country with a single transmitter station, on the condition that a frequency diagram allows it, that sufficient transmitter power is available and the antenna system is installed high enough.”

It cited the example of frequency broadcast from the Gerbrandytoren tower in the center of the country.

“The signal is transmitted on a 12-layer antenna system at a height of approximately 330 meters. It is interesting to note that using this multi-pattern antenna system, the signals from multiple radio stations are broadcast on it, with a cumulative ERP power of over 440 kW.” Thus one redundant transmitter facility can serve around 70% of the country. 

Broadcast Partners CTO Werner de Schepper told Elenos that energy efficiency is an important consideration in lowering operational costs of its FM networks.

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