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Ferncast Adds WebRTC to aixtream

Audio streaming and playout solution gets an upgrade

Ferncast released its aixtream 2.5 software, which now supports WebRTC technology.

“This technology opens up opportunities for entirely new application of audio streaming and improves real-time monitoring,” the company stated in its announcement.

Web Real-Time Communication enables web applications and sites to capture and optionally stream audio and video via the internet using common audio and video standards. 

“WebRTC has become the leading standard for allowing quick audio transmission with applications that work in web browsers or as simple phone apps without any significant setup by the user,” the company wrote.

(Photo via Ferncast)

Ferncast said WebRTC in aixtream serves two purposes. First, the listen-in function, which allows users to monitor the signals being processed by an aixtream system directly from an accessing computer or mobile device, can be used with WebRTC instead of HTTP, which Ferncast says reduces latency significantly.

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Second, users can now send audio to an aixtream system via web browser and mobile apps; and aixtream can output audio that can be received by such platforms. 

“This opens up extraordinary opportunities for using professional solution like aixtream with simple tools. For example, Ferncast has received customer inquiries for using the new WebRTC feature to allow operators of public announcement systems to work from home. The operators can use consumer audio hardware connected to their computers to input WebRTC audio via a straightforward web platform, which then forwards the audio to an aixtream system.”

The company said it also is working on developing a multiplatform radio producer app with functions including streaming and interview management. It expects to release it at IBC later this year.