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Ferncast Launches “Redundant” Codec Servers

Suitable for large-scale multiformat audio streaming and transcoding

Ferncast has launched a line called Audio Codec Servers, or ACS, which it says combines advantages of its aixtream Compact software with the flexibility and scalability of server installation and convenience of hardware.

The line includes a family called Redundant, suitable for large-scale multiformat audio streaming and transcoding applications. “The Redundant ACS is the by far most powerful Audio Codec Server in Ferncast’s lineup and has more than enough power to handle even the most performance-demanding tasks in various combinations,” it said.

The Redundant ASCs support applications like online radio streaming and DVB multiplexing at the same time, DAB to streaming, streaming combined with audio on demand processing and other combinations.

“Users can turn an OTT machine into a SIP hub, add transcoding to DVB demuxing, upgrade a loudness controller into a podcast processor — aixtream’s matrix of possibility in a single hardware.”

It supports Layer 2, MP3, AAC and Opus including xHE AAC, FLAC, Linear (16 and 24), G.711, G.722 and others. There are multiple slots for PCIe or USB audio interfaces. 

“Need to go in via MADI and output it as ASI MPEG TS as well as Icecast and HLS stream and also have a backup stream going out via SRT? All possible with the Redundant ACS.”

Eight products are available for the applications of STL, loudness, DAB, audio on demand, SIP, OTT, DVB and transcoding.

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